We're more than waffles

Sweet, savory, topped with cheese, as a croque monsieur, ... we even have waffles on a stick. Not in the mood for one? No problem, we have frozen yoghurt on the menu too (both delicious and healthy). And fruit, lots of fresh fruit!

Pearl Waffle
Belgian-style waffle with pearls of sugar mixed in the dough. A great snack that you can eat without a plate.

Brussels Waffle
This is the light-and-delicious classic Belgian waffle, usually topped with powder sugar and strawberries.

Lolly Waffle
A waffle on a stick, great when dipped in chocolate or caramel sauce. The number one favorite with kids.

Savory Waffle
Waffles for breakfast or lunch, with cheese, salmon, bacon and eggs and hunderds of other combinations. Truly unique!

Frozen Yoghurt
Refreshing, healthy, mixed with your favorite fruits and perfect for take-away.