The philosophy

You will be an entrepreneur!
As a future franchisee you will get full responsibility over one or more GAUFRY’s shops. This independency is very typical and focuses on all areas: legal, economics, social, etc. Moreover you act in behave of your own name and your own account with the benefits and risks linked to an independent business.

At GAUFRY’s you will be a real independent since you invest in your own success.

As a franchisee you are part of a solid network and the franchising philosophy is based on mutual confidence and respect. At GAUFRY’s, we don’t refer so much to the term Franchising but rather to a PARTNERSHIP.

A unique co-operation!
GAUFRY’s can rely on a young and dynamic organization and is working very close with his partners. Everyone can learn from everyone based on a solid reputation in professionalism and quality.

This expertise has a bigger picture: grow together and share the commercial profit based on a strong partnership and constructive relationship. The excellent training programs and the permanent coaching provide a sound feeling of security and confidence. Let’s not forget the strong R&D department which constantly seeks new ways to update the offered choices of products according to new trends in the market. This support is being reflected in all aspects, ranging from the introduction period to the actual exploitation of the store (location, market study, financial file, local advertising, management, etc.). Without doubt, your dedication is an example for all other employees and the network.

Becoming an entrepreneur?

Our Partner’s profile?

GAUFRY’s is not in search of rich investors, but values the pure management qualities of its partners. 

You are/have:

  • A true entrepreneur to the backbone
  • A “hands one” mentality
  • Exceptional commercial intelligence
  • Very service-minded
  • A strong affinity with the product and concept

Own financial means are obviously a necessity and experience in the retail business is certainly an advantage. On the other hand, the love and passion to spread the GAUFRY’s story and make it a success on a long-term base.

Next steps?

  1. Send your resume and letter of motivation to Walter LAVERS (
  2. A first interview with the Business Developer (Questionnaire)
  3. A second interview with the Business Developer ( PID document )
  4. A third interview with the CEO
  5. An initial “On the Job” Training ( 1 day )
  6. Finalization and signing of the franchise agreement
  7. Training ( 2 weeks )
  8. Start of the exploitation

Belgian and international network

For the moment, there are 2 shops in Belgium:

Leuven ( own store )
Louvain-la-Neuve ( franchise )

The potential lies between 50 – 75 stores, with a priority for a “cluster” development, also valid for the near-by countries.


Today, there is a Master operating in Turkey. Beside, several other projects are ongoing.
The strategy remains to develop first the “home” country, but be open for interesting international markets.